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PJSC «Mogyliv-Podilskyi Engineering Plant»
PJSC «Mogyliv-Podilskyi Engineering Plant»
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Complete Mill Complexes

The plant produces modern mill complexes with wheat grain performance from 60 to 500 t/day with the total flour extraction being not less than 75%.

Mixing the base flour grades received by grinding, including with addition of other components, provides new possibilities to the enterprise for making a profit in the flour-milling industry.

Grain cleaning section of the mill provides the effective grain cleaning before milling. Grinding is carried out using renewed machines P6-. Mill products are sieved in the sifting machines P6-. Flour grades are formed in the assembled conveyor and controlled in the sifting machine. Flour is packed from the Flour bulk storage warehouse to the bags using bagging scales.

Mills are equipped with computer system connected through modem connection which enables to remotely solve any service

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